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Demon Slayer Episode 6

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Swordsman Accompanying a Demon (鬼を連れた剣士 - Oni o Tsureta Kenshi) is the sixth episode of the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba).

Sakonji and Tanjiro

Sakonji encourage Tanjiro

Synopsis of episode 6 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Tanjiro is now dressed in the a Demon Slayer Corps uniform. With his Nichirin blade at his hip, and Nezuko, now awake, in a special box made by Urokodaki on his back, he is now ready to attempt his first mission.

Something strange is happening in a town in the northwest, girls keep disappearing every night. There, Tanjiro meets Kazumi, haggard with worry after his girlfriend's abduction. Although he senses the scent of a demon nearby, there is no demon in sight. Tanjiro is certain that a demon is behind this incident...

Recap of episode 6 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Tanjiro's first mission


Kazumi remembers his injury

Tanjiro who now wears an authentic Demon Slayer Corps Uniform talks with Urokodaki about some properties of the uniform. His master also briefly explains to him that Nichirin blades have properties that vary according to the color. Rumors says that the black blades belong to swordsmen who will never rise in the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps. Despite this news, Tanjiro is convinced that he will bring Nezuko back to her human form.

Urokodaki also gives Tanjiro a Cloud Mist Pine Box to carry Nezuko during the day. Nezuko enters her new box and Tanjiro promises her that they will be together forever. Urokodaki sees his student leave, emotional. On his way to the northwest city, Tanjiro recalls that Urokodaki predicted that Nezuko would recover by sleeping rather than eating human flesh.

Tanjiro meets Kazumi

Kazumi demon slayer

Kazumi gets beaten up by his in-laws...


Tanjiro arrives in town and notices a beaten boy named Kazumi, who has been in trouble because he was with a girl named Satoko when she was abducted. He asks Kazumi for his side of the story in order to get information about the missing girls. Kazumi shows him the path where his fiancé disappeared, so Tanjiro uses his sense of smell to follow the demon's scent. The scent is weak and irregular, forcing Tanjiro to crawl around the city sniffing the different neighborhoods.

Kazumi remembers being beaten by his father-in-law for allowing Satoko to be taken away. He desperately wants people to believe that she's missing. They search for her until the night when Tanjiro reveals that he's going to hunt down the demon who abducted those young girls. Meanwhile, a mysterious demon is using his Blood Demon Arts to lure another victim into his swamp. His scent amplifies, allowing Tanjiro to quickly isolate his location.

The Swamp Demon

Swamp demon

Tanjiro meets the Swamp Demon


Tanjiro tracks down the demon's and the girl's scent to a specific spot on the floor. There's nothing to see, but Tanjiro trusts his instincts and stabs the ground with his blade. He is able to catch the girl and free her from her kidnapper's. Suddenly, a demon crawls out of the chain hole and screeches its teeth as intimidation at Tanjiro, ignoring his questions.

screeches its teeth

The Swamp demon screeches its teeth


Kazumi catches the scene and Tanjiro asks him to carry the girl so he can concentrate on the attack. The young demon slayer notices that the smell of the demon rises again and prepares himself for Water Breathing. However, three demons come out of the swamp spell and he is forced to dodge. Tanjiro switches to the Eighth Form and counterattacks with the Waterfall Basin!

Before Tanjiro received his equipment, Urokodaki told him that there is only a demon can turn others into demons. He was the original demon and his name is Muzan Kibutsuji.

Tanjiro eighth form

Tanjiro uses the Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin


Coming back to the fight, Tanjiro's waterfall is too shallow because it changed shape halfway. He missed all the demon's vital points but managed to cut off several of their limbs. The demons disappear back into the bog again, but Tanjiro remains is determined to defeat them and learns more about Muzan Kibutsuji. The demon slayer learns that the demon has divided into three entities and hunts them down. By following one of the victim's perfumes small hat attacks the girl, and retaliates with the fourth form, the Water Wheel, but Tanjiro's sword is missing again.

Tanjiro vs Swamp demon
Tanjiro fights against the Swamp Demon

The bog swamp demon

Unfortunately, Tanjiro can't chase the demons too far or use all his power while protecting Kazumi and the girl. One of the demons appears halfway through his portal and tells Tanjiro to stop before the girl loses her taste. He says that when girls get too old, they stop tasting good. Another demon from the bog appears and says he is satisfied with the number of girls he has devoured.

The third demon appears and starts screaming again. Kazumi asks the demon to give him back his fiancée, but the one-horned demon reveals that he has devoured her and even has his hairpin on him. Tanjiro is deeply irritated by the demon, who reminds him of his dead family. The three-horned demon rushes at Tanjiro with his arm cut off. Demons can quickly escape underground, and it was just a diversion to lure Tanjiro near the wall.

demons of the swamp

Demons of the swamp show their collection of their victims


Nezuko fights the demons

A swamp spell opens a portal on the wall next to Tanjiro's head, but he is able to avoid it acrobatically. The demons bombard him with a single blow, but Nezuko gets out of her box to save her brother again. Confused, the one-horned demon asks why a demon accompanies a human.

Nezuko protects Tanjiro

Nezuko protects Tanjiro from the swamp demon


Nezuko turns to Kazumi and the girl, and sees in them her dead brothers and sisters. Urokodaki used a hypnotic suggestion on Nezuko while she was sleeping. He asked her to see all humans as her family and to protect them from demons.

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