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Demon Slayer Episode 5

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My Own Steel (己の鋼, Onore no Hagane) is the fifth episode of the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba).

final selection survivors

Final Selection Survivors


Synopsis of the fifth episode of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

When daybreak comes, only four swordsmen remain standing after the seven-day battle. Guides greeting Tanjiro and the other survivors explain the system of the Demon Slayer Corps. All four receive uniforms and Kasugai ravens as messengers, after which they must choose the ore for their own Nichirin blades. After carefully observing each piece of ore and using his highly developed sense of smell, Tanjiro chooses the one he wants to use...

Sakonji face

Young Sakonji fighting the hand demon

Recap of Episode 5 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Memories of the Hand Demon

The Hand Demon remembers that fateful day when Urokodaki defeated him forty-seven years ago for the first time. As his head is cut off from his body, the demon curses the present day, his body collapses and disappears. He regrets that the face of a demon hunter is the last thing he sees. Tanjiro turns to him with an expression of sadness, reminding the demon of his human life.

hand demon human form

The Hand Demon in his human form


Back then, the demon had a brother he accidentally killed. Tanjiro noticed the sad perfume and prayed that the man wouldn't be reborn as a demon. His spirit reunites with his brother and Tanjiro bids him farewell. The spirits of Sabito, Makomo, and all of Urokodaki's fallen students appear before Tanjiro. He tells them that he has won, and asks their souls to rest in peace. They disappear and return home to Mount Sagiri and to Urokodaki whom they love very much.

Urokodaki Students

Urokodaki students thanking Tanjiro to let their soul rest in peace


Tanjiro continues to survive during a heavy rainy night. He traps a demon and tries to question him about how to turn demons into humans, but he didn't get any satisfying answer. The demons continue to attack and although Tanjiro is victorious, he gets no information in the end. Eventually, he reaches the area where the sun touches the mountain first, and where the wisteria flowers have bloomed.

Final Selection Results

Tanjiro crow

Tanjiro receives his Kasugai Crow

At the end of these seven days, only four candidates survived the final selection. One of the others fears he will die one day (Zenitsu) and another (Genya) is eagerly awaiting a nichirin sword. The candidates will receive uniforms with their Mizunoto rank engraved on them. They will be allowed to choose the ore for their sword, but it will take ten to fifteen days to make it.

Kanao demon slayer

Demon Slayer Kanao with her butterfly


Final Selection Rewards

Each of the candidates receives a Kasugai crow, but, impatient, on of the boy finalists continues to demand a sword. He grabs fiercely the white-haired examiner by the hair, but Tanjiro intervenes, threatening to break the boy's arm.

Tanjiro manages to make the situation stop by squeezing the boy's arm. The ceremony continues with the selection of the ore for their Nichirin Blades. Tanjiro and the other three have no idea how to choose a good ore until Tanjiro decides to use his sense of smell to choose one.

Genya attacks Kanata

Genya attacks Kanata


Tired of the final selection, Tanjiro comes back completely exhausted to Mount Sagiri, complaining of his inability to gather information on how to treat her sister. On its way, he collapses from exhaustion, but gets up again and uses his last strength to return to Urokodaki's home. Nezuko suddenly opens the door and walks carelessly outside, surprising her brother.

Sakonji and Tanjiro

Sakonji with Tanjiro et Nezuko

Nezuko quickly notices Tanjiro and kisses him. Very happy, the brother cries of happiness and asks why his sister has slept so long. Urokodaki is wonderfully surprised to see that Tanjiro has returned and kisses the two children as if they were his own. That night, Urokodaki congratulates Tanjiro on passing the final selection and warns him against demons who possess the Blood Demon Art. Urokodaki believes that Nezuko will recover his strength by sleeping instead of consuming flesh.

Tanjiro receives his Nichirin blade by Hotaru Haganezuka

Fifteen days later, a man named Hotaru Haganezuka arrives to deliver Tanjiro's sword. Tanjiro tries to invite him inside, but the host completely ignores the boy and explains everything about the sword. 

Tanjiro and Hotaru

Tanjiro and Hotaru


The man in the clown mask only goes inside hoping to see Tanjiro's sword turn bright red to match his eyes and hair. Urokodaki and Haganezuka do not seem impressed when the Tanjiro's blade turns black.

Tanjiro black bladeTanjiro's blade turns black

A Kasugai Crow interrupts a discussion between the clown and Tanjiro. Tanjiro's has to accomplish his first mission, which is to go to a town in the northwest and kill a demon that has kidnapped young girls.

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