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Demon Slayer Episode 4

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Final Selection (最終選別 Saishū Senbetsu) is the fourth episode of the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)


Sakonji sees that Tanjiro succeed on splitting the bolder in half


Synopsis of Episode 4 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

To pass the final selection, one must survive for seven days on Mount Fujikasane, where the demons captured by the demon slayers have been imprisoned. Thus begins the battle of survival between the young swordsmen and the demons.

Armed with the breathing styles techniques and positions he learned from Sakonji Urokodaki, Tanjiro moves from demon to demon. His two years of training have not been wasted. But just then, a transformed demon appears out of nowhere.

tankiro receives mask

Tanjiro receives his demon slayer mask for the final selection


Recap of Episode 4 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

The end of the fight with Sabito

By beating Sabito, Tanjiro realizes that he has unlocked the ability to detect the smell of an "opening thread". The wire is connected from his blade to his opponent's opening, tightens and attracts Tanjiro to hit the opening with great force. This is what allowed him to split the rock.

Urokodaki arrives to see the results of Tanjiro's labor. He admits that he didn't expect Tanjiro to split the bolder and that he doesn't want more children to die. Despite this, Urokodaki praises for his student's achievement. They return home and Urokodaki prepares a feast to celebrate the completion of Tanjiro's training. Urokodaki believes that Tanjiro will go through a lot of hardship at this stage, so he wants Tanjiro to rest one last night without worrying about the world.

Tanjiro Final selection

Tanjiro at the final selection


After dinner, while Tanjiro is cutting his hair, Urokodaki explains that the demons become stronger with the number of humans they consume. When Tanjiro's sense of smell will be further developed, he will be able to sense how many humans a demon has consumed. Urokodaki gives his student a hand-carved protective mask, designed like a Kitsune (fox in Japanese), and says that he has charged it with a spell that will protect Tanjiro from danger.

The next morning, Tanjiro puts on his new kimono and mask and leaves for the final selection. He says goodbye to Nezuko, promising to come back no matter what. On his way out, he tells Urokodaki to say goodbye to Sabito and Mokomo for him. This surprises Urokodaki, who does not understand how Tanjiro knows the names of these dead children.


The start of the final selection

Wisteria Flower

Tanjiro admires the Wisteria Flower


Tanjiro arrives at Mount Fujikasane and admires the wisteria flowers around the entrance. Upon arriving, Tanjiro notices that several other swordsmen are also attending the event. On Mount Fujikasane, several demons have been captured by swordsmen and imprisoned. Candidates must survive seven days among these demons to pass the final selection.

Zenitsu final selectionDemon Slayer Zenitsu


Kanao final selection

Demon Slayer Kanao

 Genya final selection

Demon Slayer Genya


final selection introduction

Final selection introduction


Tanjiro kills his first demons

On the first night, Tanjiro plans to head east, where the sun will rise first so that he can rest during the day. Quickly, Tanjiro detects the scent of a demon. The demon attacks from above and Tanjiro manages to get out of the way. However, a second demon appears, surprising Tanjiro from behind. Tanjiro momentarily repels him, and the two demons fight for their "prey".

They both attack Tanjiro, but he's able to protect himself. He calms down and remembers his training on the use of total concentration breathing. The common thread appears and Tanjiro annihilates the demons with the Fourth Form: The Striking Tide! This victory allows Tanjiro to confirm that his training has helped him become strong enough to defeat real demons. Tanjiro remembers that Urokodaki told him that only "Nichirin's blades" can kill demons.

Makomo worried

Makomo worried about Tanjiro at the final selection

Tanjiro's thoughts are interrupted by a rotten smell and the sound of another candidate screaming for his life. He hides behind a tree and is horrified to see a large demon moving through the forest. Elsewhere, Makomo asks Sabito if Tanjiro is strong enough to defeat a certain demon. Sabito is not sure and reminds Makomo that no one is strong enough despite their best efforts.


The Hand Demon

hand demon

The Hand Demon appears

The Hand Demon (手 (て) 鬼 (おに), Te oni) takes a dead candidate with him and consumes him whole. Using his enhanced demon powers, the Hand Demon catches another boy trying to run away and tries to devour him. Tanjiro advances to save him using the second form of water breathing, the water wheel. The demon seems happy to see another "nice fox" and asks what year is the year of Meiji right now. Tanjiro answers that it is the Taisho period and the demon is furious that another period has passed while he was trapped here on Mount Fujikansane.

The demon curses the name of Urokodaki and Tanjiro questions their relationship. The demon of the hand explains that Urokodaki is the swordsman who defeated and imprisoned him forty-seven years ago. The other boy claims that the demon is lying, but he confirms that he lived as long as he did by eating more than fifty children in the final selection. Thirteen of them were students of Urokodaki, including Sabito and Mokomo.

Tanjiro water wheel

Tanjiro uses his water wheel breathing technique on Hand Demon


Enraged, Tanjiro charges on the demon and cuts off his outstretched arms that stand in his way. He is quickly repulsed by a powerful punch that breaks his protective mask and puts him unconscious. The other boy runs away, leaving Tanjiro behind as a prey for the demon. The hand demon will finish Tanjiro off, but the voice of his younger brother wakes him up in time.

Tanjiro cuts off his hands, but the demon claims he can't be defeated that way. He mocks Tanjiro by claiming that even Sabito couldn't cut off his head. Tanjiro knows that he can't run away and leave this demon alive, so he has to bring him down for all the children of Urokodaki. Meanwhile, Mokomo asks Sabito if Tanjiro is going to lose. He doesn't give a clear answer, but he reminds Makomo that Tanjiro has sliced the biggest and hardest rock of all Urokodaki's students.

Tanjiro kills hand demon

Tanjiro kills hand demon by cutting his head off


Tanjiro manages to get past the demon's defenses and believes that his neck can withstand the next attack. However, the moment appears and Tanjiro strikes with a powerful finishing move: Fourth Form: Striking Tide (かた しお,Shi no kata: Uchishio)!

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