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Demon Slayer Episode 2

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Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki ("Iku-shu Urokodaki Sakonji", "育手・鱗滝左近次") is the second episode of the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer).

sakonji urokodaki

Giyuu asking Sakonji to coach Tanjiro


Synopsis of Episode 2 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

At the instigation of Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro travels to Mount Sagiri with his sister Nezuko still transformed into a demon. During the night, Tanjiro captures the smell of blood inside a temple. He enters, thinking that someone might be hurt, to come across the temple demon. When the creature attacks, Tanjiro manages to defend himself with his hatchet, but the demon's strength is overwhelming. As the demon is about to finish him off, Tanjiro is saved by none other than...


Tanjiro vs temple demon

Tanjiro fighting the temple demon


Recap of Episode 2 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

First Step, Mont Sagiri

On their way to Mount Sagiri, Tanjiro passes through a small town and asks one of the customers for straw and bamboo. The man insists that Tanjiro take them for free, but the young man refuses and pays him a small sum for the supplies. Tanjiro returns to Nezuko who is hiding in a cave in a hole she herself has dug. Her brother uses the bamboo and straw he has collected to build her a basket. He asks Nezuko to shrink her body so that she can fit in the basket. That way, Tanjiro can carry Nezuko inside de basket during the day.

Nezuko basket

Nezuko inside the bamboo basket


A woman from the town directs Tanjiro towards Mount Sagiri, but warns him against traveling to the mountains after sunset. Soon after, Tanjiro and Nezuko arrive at a temple and decide to go and see what is going on inside when suddenly Tanjiro smells blood again. He rushes into the temple and discovers that all humans have been killed by a demon.

Demon Temple

Annoyed, the demon warns the humans not to intervene before attacking. Tanjiro succeeds in slitting his throat with his hatchet, but the demon heals instantly. Nezuko's demonic instincts make her craving at the sight of the bloody corpses. While she is hypnotized, Tanjiro confronts the temple demon alone. The demon nails Tanjiro to the ground and locks his grip around the human's throat, threatening to break his neck.

Feeling her beloved brother in danger, Nezuko succeeds to come out of her trance and takes action. She kicks the demon's head, removing it completely out of his body. However, the demon can maintain itself as two different entities, its head and body moving by themselves. The body charges for Nezuko while the head grows new arms and attacks Tanjiro, dividing the siblings.

Temple demon

Temple demon

Determined to save his sister, Tanjiro headbutts the demon and pins it to a tree with his hatchet. He catches Nezuko and throws the demon's body off a cliff. Nezuko manages to save Tanjiro from the fall by grabbing his leg, but the demon's body falls to the ground. The brothers and sisters return to the demon's head, but Tanjiro is too afraid to finish him off despite his unconscious state.

Demon Slayer Urokodaki Sakonji

A man wearing a Tengu mask sneaks up on Tanjiro and tells him that a simple knife is not enough to kill a demon. Tanjiro asks him how to kill a demon properly, but the masked man tells him to use his head and find a solution by himself.

Since there is no question of stabbing him, Tanjiro decides that it is better to use a stone to pulverize the demon's head. However, he is not the killing type and cannot kill the demon with his stomach before sunrise. The sunlight burns the demon to dust before Tanjiro can ever do it.

tanjiro fight demon temple

Tanjiro fights demon temple

Tanjiro regroups with his sister inside the temple and finds the masked man who is burying the victims. He introduces himself as Sakonji Urokodaki and confirms that Tanjiro is the boy that Giyu Tomioka sent him. Urokodaki suddenly asks Tanjiro what he would do if his sister devoured a human.

Tanjiro is unable to answer and Urokodaki slaps him for his indecision and weak determination. He reminds Tanjiro never to allow Nezuko to harm humans and decides to test him to see if he is worthy of joining the Demon Slayer Corps.


Tanjiro follows Urokodaki

Tanjiro follows Urokodaki across the land, but the old man is much faster than him and struggles to keep pace along the way. To keep moving forward, Tanjiro remembers his mission and vows to revive his sister's humanity for the sake of their fallen family. Eventually they reach the Urokodaki's home, where Tanjiro almost faints from exhaustion. To Tanjiro's dismay, Urokodaki declares that the real ordeal begins now and that they must begin by climbing Mount Sagiri.

Tanjiro and Sakonji

Tanjiro trying to follow Sakonji

Completely exhausted, Tanjiro slowly follows Urokodaki up the mountain until the masked man orders him to go back down to the bottom before daybreak. Tanjiro believes that the old man thinks he will get lost in the fog and is convinced that his powerful sense of smell will guide him down the mountain. After taking just a few steps, Tanjiro falls into several traps set by the old man. Combined with the rarefied mountain air, Tanjiro finds himself in a difficult situation. He succeeds to calm down and uses his keen sense of smell to sniff out the traps set by the mysterious man.


The beginning of Tanjiro's training

Tanjiro training

Tanjiro is still not powerful and resistant enough to avoid all the traps, but he strengthens his determination by using his desire to save Nezuko. Urokodaki seems surprised when Tanjiro opens his door before daybreak. Beaten and bloodied, Tanjiro declares that he has succeeded in time and is nevertheless victorious. Urokodaki remembers the letter Giyu sent him describing a unique pair of siblings. Urokodaki honors Giyu's request and accepts Tanjiro as his student.

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